Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2010

My first post. Talla in blogland ;-)

I just have finished the new volume of my "Technoclub" series. We do that series with full motivation and passion.

CD compilations have become rather difficult these days, and the number of sales have decreased a lot over the years and again during the past few months.

I know we have a faithful and loyal fanbase and we thank you for that, but still there are so many people that download the compilation illegally. This may seem easy and cool to do at the time, but in fact it impacts us and the future of the series dramatically.

There is a limit and a point as to when the production cost outweighs the sales, and the downloads continue, that will be the final equation. If you really want to own your very own high quality copy of this series I can only ask you to be fair, and do your part by showing your support and buy a copy from an authorized retailer. Please also tell your friends who may take pride in themselves on having downloaded it for free.

If you don’t get the CDs in a store, you can order them in our store at We ship worldwide!For this volume, Talla 2XLC has invited Simon Patterson. The Irish born lad now living in London is one of the top trance DJs (spot 42 DJ Mag Top100) in the world. His productions are brilliant club anthems and as a DJ, he plays all the biggest events and clubs around the globe.